Business/Marketing/Advertising News WEBSITES

  • Digiday: digital marketing and advertising news. Free subscription via email or social media platforms |

  • AdWeek: global advertising news. Free subscribe via social media platforms for limited articles or $99/year with AdWeek Pro Digital (it’s worth it!) |

  • Ad Age: advertising and marketing industry news with a free daily subscription newsletter |

  • Business Insider: financial and business news |

GENERAL NEWS subscription services

  • The Skimm: free daily subscription newsletter US & world news |

  • Huffington Post: free daily subscription newsletter US & world news |

  • Espresso: free daily subscription newsletter Brazilian & world news


  • MailChimp: best email marketing platform |

  • SocialRank: another social media analytics software (paid subscription) |

  • Dovetale: social media analytics software (paid subscription) |

  • Zoominfo: business database information about companies and people such as emails, phone numbers, etc. (paid subscription – worth it!) |



  • Resource Cards: #1 directory for all resource websites related to design |

  • Shutterstock: royalty free downloadable stock photos |

  • Flaticon: vector icons free and paid /

  • Canva: free and user friendly graphic design tool (if Photoshop doesn’t appeal to you, this is for you!) |


  • Layout: free photo collage | Download Here

  • Unfold: free minimalistic photo collage/layout – ideal for Instagram stories | Download Here




Video services & production

  • Lemonlight: video production company with locations around the U.S. in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Austin, and Washington DC |

  • Image Revolver: local Philadelphia video production company offering quality video services for all types of media channels |

video download

  • Twitter Video Downloader:

  • Youtube Video Download: no external websites necessary, there is a quick and easy trick to download Youtube videos – just simply add ‘ ss ‘ right before “youtube” in the video’s hyperlink and click enter. Example:

Video apps

WEBSITE platforms

  • Squarespace: easy custom website design platform |

  • custom website design platform – although it is similar to Squarespace, it has more capabilities in terms of add ons, coding etc, it depends on what exactly you want to do; it is said to be generally better for e-commerce websites |

CRM platforms

  • Copper: formerly known as Prosperworks, it’s an extremely user friendly and cheap CRM platform built for Google – note: it has pretty much all the features that SalesForce offers, but for 1/3 of the price! |

Freelance work online marketplace


  • General Assembly: stay on your A-game with this international organization which aims to teach entrepreneurs and business professionals practical technology skills – pro tip: if you don’t want to spend $$$ on their courses, be sure to check out the free events and cheap workshops that they offer every week! |

  • MasterClass App: app that allows you to learn a diverse array of skills from recognizable professionals – it is $185/year for the all-access pass but they do offer great free content |

Custom Print Materials for Businesses (or not)

  • Vistaprint: custom stationary, business cards, marketing materials and much more at a great price and quick turnaround |

  • Shutterfly: quality custom photo album, cards, calendars and more |