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Final Project - Photography Course (University of Pennsylvania)

Artist Statement – Paula Pereira

Manufacturing and the demands of a new middle class led to the surge of commodity culture in the 19th-century Paris influencing several artists including Hungarian-French photographer Brassaï. At this time photography became associated with commerce, reflected in images of shops, store windows, advertising and bodies available for purchase. Maybe the 21st century US is not so different from the 19th century France, with globalization and the mass commercialization people are often a reflection of advertisements and brands that they use. For my final project I decided to get shoot portraits people in mundane moments of daily lives that can often come unnoticed, but there is still beauty to these small moments. Using the Photoshop techniques we learned in this class, I created patterns of vintage advertisements from the 19th century and overlaid them on objects and subjects in the picture. These advertisements work as a visual reflection of commercialization that is typically unseen in the action of these subjects. I was inspired by Vik Muniz, Brazilian artist and photographer to work with the idea of repetition of patterns that compose a larger image. 


Lomography cameras

canon eO5 60D