Why aren't people talking about these giant NYC buses with neon-lights??

Yesterday I was walking home when this city bus passed right next to me, since most city buses have the tendency of almost running you over when you're on the sidewalk because of their large size, there wouldn't be a reason for one to take notice upon their presence...but there was for this one. The bus already stood out due to it's beige color, which made it look even larger believe it or not, but there were also these big neon lights across its side reading Coach x Selena Gomez.

Pardon the bad picture quality....I don't have an iPhone 8 or X yet

Pardon the bad picture quality....I don't have an iPhone 8 or X yet

Although it did appear like a tour bus, it was definitely a city bus in disguise with the neon lights and a small logo in the front which said The Stage.

I was fully aware what this campaign was about because I had previously signed up to one of those online raffle-like contests that I never win to get a limited edition Coach bag signed by Selena in the off chance I was feeling lucky that day....guess what... it didn't happen.

Anyways, Coach has always been a mastermind when it comes to the marketing and advertisement field, but I was really shocked by the grandioseness (no puns intended) of this campaign.

However, I do almost feel like this was a waste of money, or at least a lesson to be learned in terms of having a vision of your marketing campaign start to finish, because when I tried googling it I found nothing. Granted, there was stuff about Selena's coach campaign, so I guess it wasn't that much of a waste of money, but I still feel like they should have done some sort of talk about these driving billboards!