The day Anna Kendrick ads blew my mind!

Today I came across this AdWeek article on Anna Kendrick's latest commercial for Hulu!

As we can see, brand endorsement is something that is ever growing. Even companies, such as Hulu,  that we used to rarely see as active in the traditional  advertising landscape are now choosing faces to advocate for their brand. There is no doubt why the TV streamer selected the 32-year-old Oscar and Tony nominee as their celebrity endorser, but it is interesting what Hulu chose to do with her! Hulu is launching 30-second set pieces (which will air nationally as TV spots) that take place inside a dreamworld styled like the Hulu interface itself. 

I believe Hulu did a good job in capturing Anna Kendrick's quirky/awkward personality into their short ads and still deliver their message. I'm a big fan of Kendrick and her work, but what truly surprised me was what was linked in between the lines in this AdWeek article: some past brand ads that the actress has done that I had never seen but were simply amazing!

So if, like me, you've missed these incredible ads, here's a recap:

Kendrick's (Non) Super Bowl commercial for Newcastle Brown Ale 

Interesting enough, I had never really heard about the Newcastle, but I came across some of their content and thought it was really interesting how they played on the whole brand honesty/transparency idea, such as releasing the "Actual Focus Groups" ad series. This is not only an inexpensive, but also a smart approach to creating original and true brand content. 

Anna Kendrick for Kate Spade 

Now this ad really surprised me, not only because of the quality, relatability and entertaining factors of the ad, but because of the whole interactive video features! As soon as the video starts, a message pops leading you to click on the video contents that you'd like. Once you do, a small pop-up window appears showing a picture of the object (usually a Kate Spade product) with a small description, and then the pop-up window closes but your clicks are saved. This actually works perfectly because at one point in the ad, a neighboring couple pass by Anna Kendrick sitting outside the apartment and greet her. We notice Kendrick's shocked and awkward face, but for those of us that don't recognize the old woman we are able to click on her and find out she's Iris Apfel, American Businesswoman, Interior Designer, and Fashion Icon. Furthermore, the smart ad is a great way to showcase of Kate Spade's holiday products and take the consumers straight to store's online shopping cart. At the end of the video, you can recap your "clicked items" and if you click on the products there is a "Shop Now" button that takes you straight to Kate Spade's website. I know right? Amazing! Here's something that will surprise you even more...I went to check out the date when this article was published because I just couldn't believe I had missed this awesome  interactive video - product purchasing tech integration, and this ad was actually released in the holiday season of 2014! Crazy...I know...

Check out the AdWeek article on Anna Kendrick's Holiday ad for Kate Spade here to watch and interact with the video:

This actually makes me wonder if this was one of those situations in which the ad technology was too advanced for the time it was released, such as Tippex's Hunter & Bear Youtube ads back in the day: