Trash country


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Coca-Cola just missed an amazing opportunity and they're not even aware! Coke's latest ad campaign, which was aired during this past Sunday Night Football, clearly shows how the brand wants to make a statement about it's diversified portfolio by portraying68 independent U.S. Coca-Cola bottlers as part of the company's broader family with deep connections in local communities. Towards the end of the 1-minute video, the narrator mentions how all of Coke's products rely on clean water (just like us!), which is why the company is makes an effort to replenish every drop of water they use in the process. Clearly Coca-Cola has been trying to revamp their  image towards a healthier and more environmentally friendly brand, but they could have for example used this opportunity to bring to light recent concerns like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and help the cause! It's somewhat frustrating the power and money that multinationals have but rarely allocate towards real social causes. Honestly, I've seen great philanthropic projects coming from large corporations – specially in the beverage industry – like Coca-Cola and ABI, but even though they constantly add the "social responsibility" factor to their mission/vision statements, you rarely see one of those giants really active and engage in continuous philanthropic activities. 

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While Trump keeps telling us that Global Warming is a myth, this global natural force is coming right up to our doorsteps with category 5 hurricanes and dangerous storms all around. And all of this is because of our society's overconsumption and lack of ability to reuse and recycle like Jack Johnson has been telling us to do since 2006!  

Well now look what casually popped up at our front door: ... The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean.  Marine debris is litter that ends up in oceans, seas, and other large bodies of water. Now don't consider myself a tree-hugger, but this is SCARY! It's estimates size ranges from 700,000 square kilometres to more than 15,000,000 square kilometres...twice the size of the continental United States!

While activists have tried to make this GIGANTIC problem visible to the world over the last 20 years, we've only really started to heard about it. And now the message is finally reaching (and being addressed) by some more high-profile people like Al Gore and Ross Kemp:

It may sound crazy, but we have to give them props for the viralability of the idea!

A petition asks viewers to sign up to be additional citizens of the country, thereby fulfilling one of the four requirements for recognition—having a population. (The other three are a defined territory, a government and the ability to interact with other states.)

They've even gone as far as creating a national flag, currency, passport and stamps! (Check out below)

So if there is a bandwagon to get on this week, this is it!