Academics at Upenn: writing, research & report Samples

 This is a selection of works – that vary from essays, to research papers, consulting reports and projects – which I have produced over the past four years in College.

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA, USA August 2013-May 2017

The Annenberg School: Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Concentration in Marketing

The Wharton School: Minor in Consumer Psychology

Relevant Coursework: Intro to Marketing, Strategic Brand Management, Event Management & Marketing, Data & Analysis for Marketing, Digital Marketing & Electronic Commerce, Consumer Neuroscience, Consumer Behavior, Microeconomics, Analytical Methods in Economics, Law and Medicine,  Intro to Statistics, Intro to Experimental Psychology, Social Psychology


Comm 245 - Teens & Screens: Understanding Youth, Media & Behavior 

Professor Amy Bleakley

Social Media Spotlight – Snapchat:

MKTG 350 - Consumer Neuroscience

Professor Wes Hutchinson

For the final project we worked with eye-tracking instruments in order to generate a qualitative and quantitative analysis of a range of product pictures using heat maps

and tracking fixations.

VLST 303 - Rise of Image Culture

Professor Tanya Jung

Research on Postmodernism

OIDD 415 - Product Design

Professor Karl Ulrich


COMM 386 - Non-profit Communications Strategy

Professor Joan Garry

Practical class on media training, press releases, fact sheets, and public relations. Worked with a local non-profit, called Springboard Collaborative, which focuses on closing the reading achievement gap among underprivileged children by coaching teachers, training family members, and cultivating reading habits. The project aimed to increase engagement between Springboard Collaborative and parents whose children were enrolled in the program. Consulting Report:

COMM 491 - Internship: image revolver

Professor Susan Haas

Consulting Report for Image Revolver - Brand Identity:

Comm 395 - COMM & The Presidency

Professor David Eisenhower

Research on JFK & The New Frontier

MKTG 212- data & Analysis for marketing decisions

Professor Kathryn Wessling

Worked with local entrepreneurs on their business and customer strategy by obtaining and analyzing both quantitative & qualitative data relevant to LocalStove. Consulting Report:


MKTG 278 - Strategic Brand Management 

Professor Cassie Mogilner

Brand & Market Research on Nutella


WRIT  026 - Writing Seminar 

Research on The Roman Arena – Portfolio:

COMM 123 - Critical Approaches to Popular Culture 

Professor Felicity Paxton

The Kardashian Fever


ANTH 012 - Globalization and its Historical Significance 

Professor Mauro F. Guillen

McDonalization of the World:

COMM 230 - Advertising and Society 

Professor Joseph Turow 

Sephora – A Mobile Commerce Giant:

SOCI 001 - Introduction to Sociology

Research on Female Genital Mutilation Practices in Africa